Well Tuesday morning 2nd Jan. I got up early, 6am to be precise. I had to paint some panels before we left for Queensland which was supposed to be at 9am, but as usual I was running late. Departure time ended up being about 11am from memory. We were on holiday mode anyway and thank God Sonya wasn’t grumpy at me. Well our 1st stop was Heathcote for lunch, talk about a busy place at lunch time. After lunch we pushed on still with 500 – 600 km per day ride in mind. We just get to Nagambie when I notice Sonya’s indicators stuck on. Sonya said to me it had been stuck on for awhile, anyway I decided I’d have a look at it when we got to Shepparton. I started looking for the problem while Sonya went shopping for a bandana, It had me stumped then Sonya suggested to check the wiring under the rear guard and behold a shit load or bare wires. Well after 2 hours at the local bike shop and several beers later we were read to head north again. I looked at my watch and thought bloody hell , it was around 5:30pm and we hadn’t even made it to the border yet. I said to Sonya I would really like to get to the border before we stopped for the night, she laughed. So off we went and made it to Finley NSW. Found a motel, had more beer sand a game or two of pool ( beware she is a pool shark )

I thought everything is right now onward we go the next morning only for 40 odd klm’s up the road in Jerrilderie 1 ½ hours later of rewiring again we were off next stop Nerandera. About 60 ks up the road I look in my mirror “ Shit where is Sonya”. I turn around and head back a couple of ks , there she is laughing her head off saying “ Its my fault , Its my fault “ . I said what’s our fault? she then tells me her mirror had fallen off and broken. I just laughed. Off we went again this time I was following , just as we got to Nerandera I noticed a grey bag missing off of her trailer. After telling her she said “ Its got to get better surely”. It was her sleeping bag, bike cover & tent poles. We had to make a decision to go back and look for them or not. Its was 105 klm’s back to Jerrilderie. I wasn’t real keen I tell you. Sonya said “ nah don’t worry about it” Sonya was pissed off cause the cover cost her heaps. We stopped in Nerandera for fuel and this car that we had passed earlier pulled up behind us. The driver got out laughing, I knew what he was going to say. He picked up Sonya’s stuff minus the tent poles and went looking for us. Sonya was rapt, it did get better , well for that day anyway.

We had so much fun on that trip with everything that happen and the way we delt with the shit. It was awesome. So if you want to be able to tell a few good stories and have some unforgettable memories don’t knock back big trips. Just ask either one of us about how much fun we had.

Hopefully next time some more of you guys might come.

Thanks Sonya, you made the trip unforgettable