Neville’s  9th Sept Mystery ride report.



After some confusion in the planning stages it was decided that this day’s ride was going to be a mystery ride lead by Neville.

Brendan and I had a family lunch to attend so decided only to come and say hello at the usual commencement location for a good old maccas coffee and a friendly chat.

However today was indeed proving to be a mystery as there was no one and it was nudging 10.00am – very unusual. Normally there are a few arriving early with the same intentions, but not today.

Then as we were contemplating the ridiculous idea that we may have actually got the ride times wrong, along comes some riders that we actually recognise. Believe it or not, everyone arrived at once, thankfully dismissing any doubts that Brendan and I had had

What a sight they were, all in perfect formation with Dave west as the mean looking ride leader and Neville as the very “experienced” looking tail end Charlie.

Before long but not before Westy had his show and tell, showing us the features of his newly acquired bike ( mind the fact that he didn’t even realise that it had a headlight), the ride began.

Not a big ride planned today as Geelong was playing to get in the finals and some wanted to get home in time to watch the match, so it was off to the RAAF museum.

Brendan and I decided to tag along behind, and meet up at the Museum, we came in, watched Westy deposit what sounded like a silver coin or a bottle top into the gold coin donation box, looked around and pissed off.

Short and sweet, but nevertheless entertaining.

It has recently been a little frustrating for myself on rides when the corner marking has failed or riders have passed the ride leader or the tail end Charlie has passed a rider, but not today. IT WAS PERFECT.

An absolute credit to the skills of both Neville and Westy. There was not one single hint of anyone breaking the formation of today’s ride. Neville and Westy both made sure of that – no one was going to break out today, they had maintained a very tight contingent of riders and left no margin for error. It was a sight beyond description to see a club ride executed with so much precision and discipline.

Westy and Neville I take my hat (helmet) off to you both, you are the best ride leader and tail end Charlie I have ever seen!!