The day started off a bit cooler than most of us have been used to recently but this did not seem to worry the eleven riders and two passengers that attended this ride. One of the passengers was my wife who was very happy to have a decent saddle on Postie’s bike, rather than the uncomfortable thing on the back of my bike, which offers very little comfort.

On time and no rain, all is looking good until  the rider who is marking the Freeway exit mistakes another red sports car for Peter Dyer’s. Peter was happy to be tail end Charlie as he was in his RED car, unfortunately I made the big mistake of not taking everyone over to see Peter’s RED car and as fate would have it at the very first marked corner, another RED car caused my planning to turn to s--t. Two riders and the correct RED car kept on going down the freeway as there was no –one marking the exit.

After we had regrouped and we went through all the rules regarding corner marking again including introducing everyone to Peter’s RED car, we were off again.

As we rode through the hills at Blackwood, we were now given a taste of what to expect as the winter weather comes closer.

We met up with Shrek and Steve at Trentham and from here the sun came out to warm us as we rode to Maldon. It was great.

After our burgers and stuff Shrek took us to some old mock mining town on the edge of Maldon. There was lots of interesting old stuff here, including the guy and his dingo who own the joint. He was extremely knowledgeable about the areas history I’m sure and his commentary on the guided tour was something else. After we had finished pottering around through all the old curios, it was time to start our way home. In the carpark we said goodbye to Peter and his red car and goodbye to Steve and at Kyneton after a coffee we said goodbye to Shrek.

At home I sat back thinking how the day had been and I really enjoyed the day.

Thanks for your help Shrek! and thanks to everyone who came for making it such a good day.