Halls Gap Ride Report

By Sylvain


Mid morning at Maccas ...  ... I was joined by Sonia with her trailer, Peter, Erwin, Dave West in the trusty ute, and Kate on her baby VTR.  We departed from Maccas through Werribee, then to some scenic backroads and the Brisbane ranges where Meredith was our first stop.


It seemed Meredith were going to have a Music festival as the town was full of Aussies either carrying a couple of slabs (VB seemed popular), or 2 packs of ice ... it was quite a scene.


Somehow, we apparently missed Ron at the Maccas meeting point, who apparently thought we were leaving at 9, and apparently thought he saw us rode off ... so he decided to chase this figment of his imagination via Geelong to Ararat!!! 


After Meredith we putt-ed up the highway to a fill up and smoko stop in Ballarat, then continued on the long road to Ararat.


Ararat was our designated Lunch and booze pick up stop ... where we met up with Ron who got there about an hour earlier! Lucky he had both a book and his MP3 player to keep him out of trouble.


After a tummy fill, it was off to Halls Gap via the scenic route C222.


Arriving in Halls Gap, Kim and Sue already had the aircraft hanger set up.  Everyone got their tents up pretty quick ... but there was no sign of Shrek!


Dinner was at the Black Panther where Sonia waited an eternity for her chicken without fries ... must say that Sue’s pizza looked good though.  After dinner, Shrek had finally arrived ... he'd unintentionally taken the scenic route via Roses Gap where 10km of unsealed road had become 20km which tested his patience and experience.  Not only were we greeted by Shrek, but apparently some ghost pyromaniacs had lit a fire for us, which Pete expertly kept alive.


It was an interesting night with much drink and socialising.  There was an alleged game of "strip" spin the bottle where Sonia had an unfair advantage with her jewellery.  Ron unfortunately lost the game....


Oh, and can anyone remember Ron’s word of the day?


After a good sleep by some, bacon and eggs greeted us for breakfast thanks to Pete's initiative. Thank you.  The weekend turned out to be quite short for some as Shrek, Sonia, Dave, Erwin and Pete all had prior engagements and were leaving that morning.  This only left Kim, Sue, Ron, Kate and myself to enjoy the wonderful weather and roads, which the Grampians would offer us...