Well we had a big turn out this year, 21 adults &2 kids. 18 bikes in total I think. Running late as usual I thought everyone would be waiting for me at Yea, but the only one there was Sonya and her mum. Postie and the rest was only about 5 minutes behind me, worked out well. We had a bit of a chat then left for Mansfield to re-fuel then on to Whitfield via Tolmie where the fires had been. Unbelievable sight, it was burnt out alright. At Tolmie the road was closed to Whitfield but being bikies we cant read and kept going anyway. The damage was hard to describe, melted road signs, blistered tar on the road. We rode slow and I had my lunch waiting for me as always thanks to Postie. After lunch we pushed on to Porepunkah Pub for our stay. Everyone settled in then me and a few others went to Harietville to visit a mate of mine. We got back for dinner then proceeded to get merry for the rest of the night.

In the morning a few people headed back to Melbourne. Midnight showed up to the 12 bikes and 14 or 15 remaining people and took us on a ride through the hills into Mt Beauty then back to Beechworth via Yakandandafor lunch and a wonder through the town. We then headed back to the Porepunkah Pub and some rode onto Bright for a look around. Then dinner and more drinks to finish up the night. Sunday morning we headed back, got to Benalla and split into 2 groups. The Geelong crowd headed down the freeway and the rest rode back to Yea for lunch then split to go their own ways home.

Thanks to Midnight for the tour, the scenery was great

I gather everyone had a good time cause I didnít hear any bad comments

Thanks to all for an awesome turn out.

P.S.I didnít get drunk like Apollo Bay & remember the whole 2 nights