brass monkey ride 2007

Well everybody what can I say, except once again another successful ride with the biggest turn out I can remember. Unfortunately I had to go via four wheels, not as much fun, but a hell of a lot warmer I can tell you. There were 17 bikes (I think) and around 5 or 6 cars. 35 people all up. Not sure how everyone got together on the count I didn’t meet at any of the 2 points, due to reasons out of my control. I actually started from Whinchelsea, where everybody was waiting for me. (running late as usual). We soon left for Lorne, the roads were wet and I thinks the brave monkeys were glad to stop and warm up before the next leg of the trip. I didn’t have a problem with the cold at all, I simply turned my heater up. Ha! Ha!

When we got to Apollo Bay I had to quickly get the rooms sorted so everybody could settle in and get warm. The staff at the Otway Lodge were great - unlike the staff at the Apollo Bay Hotel (fill you in on that a bit later).

Once we got the heaters happening it was time for a few drinks, to hurry up the warming process. While everyone was doing that Nicole and myself went to the supermarket and did some shopping. The bacon, eggs and bread were generously donated by Weise’s Bakery (thanks Erwin) and the rest was bought. By this time it wasn’t far from tea time, the office girl from the Apollo Bay Lodge rang the Hotel and asked if they could sent the courtesy bus around, because by this time it had started to rain and I didn’t want to see the woman and children getting soaked, but apparently the Hotel only had 2 people working (even though we had booked meals for 40 odd people) and couldn’t be bothered sending the bus around. Shrekky was pissed in more ways than one, I can tell you!

Well the management made it up to me - sort of. After tea, some went back the rest went to the other pub, we danced and drank, had a ball basically and you want to know something I was well behaved and didn’t get drunk like last year! I told you I wouldn’t do it again.

Anyway, everybody had a good time even though it was cold and wet, especially on the way home when we got to see a couple of whales swimming just off the shore near Lorne, what a sight it was. Thanks again to everyone for making the Brass Monkey such a success - without you all it wouldn’t be the same.

Look after yourselves and take care.