Turret Run  -- 30th September – Ride Leader – Neville ( Sar Major )


14 bikes with sixteen mostly able passengers arrived at the usual rendezvous point at 9.30 a.m. sharp !!


Sar Major instructed us all, where we were going and what to expect on our mission for the day. Two members were excluded from the mission on medical grounds. Private Ron had sore eyes and Private Andrew – of the editorial core – was a bit off colour and returned to base once the patrol had hit Werribee. 


The mission, for those who chose to accept it was to tour in formation to Bacchus Marsh, through Gisborne and onto Lancefield for a Chowtime break. Sar Major used all his navigational resources available to navigate this tortuous route and I believe we owe a dept of gratitude to some locals for not getting totally lost!!.


During Chowtime a disabled Private joined us for the rest of our mission. ( i.e.  Shrek – without a bike – joined us in his Ute )


After braving many potentially damaging gusts of wind, all able bodied privates and Sar Major arrived at our destination, Puckapunyal Army Base, where we were all strip searched ( well not quite !! ) and visited the Tank Museum.


We learnt a lot at the Museum:-


  1. You’re not necessarily safe in a tank, as some of the artillery the enemy may use against you can penetrate up to six inches of solid steel !!
  2. Tank building is a multicultural thing with tanks represented from the usual perpetrators, England and the US, but also from China, Sweden and Slovenia.
  3. Not all privates are necessarily enthusiastic about climbing around in Tanks.
  4. Two of our members displayed potentially illegal intentions, eyeing off a helmet and communications earphones. Fortunately common sense prevailed as we may well have all ended up in the hands of the Military Police !.


A short refuelling and coffee stop just out of Seymour provided some much appreciated amusement when a “P” plater decided to mount the curb parking much to her embarrassment – when she was given rousing applause upon entering the premises.


Just short of the Western highway on the ring road all sorts of hell broke loose ( Mortar fire, shrapnel etc but mostly wind and rain ) . Some able bodied privates braving the in climate weather – leaving Sar Major to cool his heels at the Service Centre ( he’d forgot his wet weather gear !! )