10 September 2006


Our destination for today was to Gumbuyah Park. So 9 of us met up at Maccas in the morning, including Dad (Brian) me (Nat) Westy, Neville, Ron, Three new guys Gary, Simon (and his Daughter Samantha) and Chris, and finally Tony and Peter who didnít come on the ride. We set off at 10:15 for quite an easy ride, apart from it being a little windy. On our way Stephen met up with us, and when we arrived at the park Dave, Helen and her son arrived too. We all entered, paying our admission (dad faked I was 7 so I got in cheaper. Yay!) And headed straight for the cafť where we had lunch and Neville bought his ĎSunkistí. When we finished we bought our tickets and headed for the rides. This is where the real fun started! First off a few of us went on the go-karts. Oh what a thrill they were! They went nearly 20km p/h, WOW! When our 2 generous laps were over we all headed for the toboggans. We all had our first lap, no major dramas. Maybe because most of us used the brake! Then we had a brainstorm. ďLetís all go at the same time!Ē Yer, thatís a good idea, we wonít use the brake either. So we all hopped in our little seats and headed off. First it was Westy and Neville, close behind Dad, Dave and I (touching) and then about half a metre away was Helen, Steve and then Helenís son. We all went flying down safely swinging past the first couple of corners. Then the third corner came, safe for Westy and Neville, who flew through, but then something kinda funny, yet bad happened. Dad, Dave and I came flying round the corner. First Dad got air, falling off his toboggan and onto the track, then Daveís came off the track landing on dad and finally I came off my toboggan, safely landing back on, but not so safe for Dad, considering I couldnít brake in time. Dad would have been ok, with just a few bruises, if it had of stopped there, but there were still 3 people to come. They came flying through, also not having time to brake and one by one added to the pile up, and pushing Dad further and further. Finally the last came, Helenís son who, from the impact, went flying of the back of his about 5 metres(no injuries for him). But as for Dad, when he finally stopped sliding, he got up asking if his face was cut. Not only was his face badly grazed, but all the knuckles on his left hand were also and the leather in the elbow of his jacket, leg of his pants, tops off his shoes and finally front of his belt had been also. Apart from a few bad grazes, he was fine, and once all band-aided up, and I mean ALL band-aided up, he was set to head home. We had a quick coffee break and finished off our last few tickets, before setting off home. This, again was a pleasant ride, although a tad slow for Westy, who was patiently staying with Chris to continue to make him feel welcome. Good on ya! We all made our way safely back home content with the fact that we all had a fun day, maybe a little too fun at times!


By Natalie Micallef†† ††