Well it was a very good turn out, 14 club members & 3 guests. Shirley, Fred & Nick being the guests. From the club, Rod & Janine, Dave Post, Helen, who I met at Baccus Marsh. Then Brian, Brendan, Peter, Sonya & Chucky (Westy) you’ll know why later and Tony who lead them to Belliang from Laverton. (Thanks Tony). After a short chat we took off for Bannockburn, running late as usual, to meet Sue, Kim & Erwin . Now totaling 12 bikes and 2 tin cans (cars). Onto Winchelsea for lunch at our favourite coffee shop, then on to Lorne for petrol and quick break. This is where we had a bit of a split, the quicker bikes took off first with us slow pokes following but before we left and considering how behind time we were and most of us were buggered , a quick vote was taken to head straight to Appollo Bay and not stop at Nev’s (sorry Nev) . Postie was going to call in and let you know , but missed your driveway ( I think I was over taking a car and missed it .DP) I’ve no idea where it is. When we got to the Otway Lodge we sorted out our rooms done the shoppingand settled in. Tea time was now approaching, with me well on the way to drunkenness (should of listened to ya Tony) My medication tripled the effect of the alcohol so I don’t remember much from tea time onwards ( funny about that Shrek, I had the same problem) Oh well it was great the bits I do remember . I have been told I was the so called “entertainment” for the night . So hope you guy’s enjoyed it and sorry if I offended anyone.

Because or my efforts the night before I payed dearly for it the next day. So thanks for cooking breakfast Nick, you’re the best. A bit of rain early in the morning before we left, a few people did leave earlier , hope you didn’t get too wet and for the rest of us we battled through mist and wet roadsto Skenes Creek then to Berrigarra. Tail end Charlie seemed always be dragging behind , could’nt figure it out. The Tail end Charlie being Westy, who couldn’t stop throwing up hence Chucky insteady of Westy. Thanks everyone who came and made it a great weekend . Again sorry Nev for not stopping .

Stay safe,Stay sober   Shrek