Ride Report

Old Dadswell Town.


We, Daryl Palmer, a friend of mine and myself, arrived in Bannockburn to meet Neville at the petrol station, a quick look on the clock, it is 8.59 am. No Neville, I checked my notes, bugger, I’m one hour too early, oh well plenty of time for a coffee.  Nev arrives and after another smoke we are on our way to Beaufort to meet the rest of the group. Half way to Skipton the clouds are getting darker and its starting to spit a little.


Smoko in Skipton and we are looking at a dark sky, wet weather gear on or not is the question. We decided “will be right mate” the rain is on the other side. Twenty minutes later, the sky is open and its coming down on us. We pulled over and on went the wet weather gear and I prepared myself for a wet and uncomfortable ride.


We arrived in Beaufort and twenty minutes later, Dave and Helen, Sylvain, Brian, arrived and Shrek (who just come along for a ride to Beaufort), I thought every one knew this, but when we pulled up in Ararat , the corner marker was waiting and waiting and waiting. Sorry Nev!! 


After I got my mates Jimmy and Coke onboard and every one else who got a mate to pick up from the bottle shop, we were on our way to the Big Koala for a late lunch, and then off to Old Dadswell Town .  After working out who sleeps with who and where, who shares the cabin with who, we were getting settled when  Rod and his crew arrived .The weather turned out to be nice ,dry and warm, and after a good barbeque we had a good time in the “Town Hall “till late in the night, or was it early morning, I can’t remember.


Sunday morning  7-30, I’m hanging out for a nice coffee, get up and join the other early birds, Dave, Nev and Daryl.  An hour later, I start up the BBQ for breaky, bacon and eggs are waiting.  After breakfast we all went our own ways, some went for a ride, some went back to bed, and some went for a drive through the bush to pick up some big ants with some firewood on it!  We cleaned up and left around lunchtime, Dave, Helen, Brian and Sylvain took the way through Rose Gap, Halls Gap and the Western Highway to get home, Rod and Family went the Ararat way, and Nev, Daryl and myself, now with the wet weather gear on, went back the same way we came.


All up we were 13 adults and one child on ten Bikes and one car, who hade a great time, we had four guests, Mark and his son in the car, Daryl on the BMW and Bruce on the Honda.     I’m sure every one had a good time, and some had or still have a sore head, but lets face it, when can you sleep in a Bank or Barbershop or Brothel again!


Thanks to Jenny and Max Green and to every one who was there for coming.


Erwin Halle