Christmas Party Report

Well those that could not make it to the end of year shin-dig, you missed out on lots of fun, food A special thanks to the Hartshornes and Micallefs for getting up early and securing our spot  at the Mansion.

Also, congratulations to those that did brave the early weather and rode their bikes Nev, Ron and Sonja (sorry if I missed any others). It was cool and damp to start, but sure warmed up by the arvo.

Not only was there food galore, but raffles and games a plenty. I think that I looked like a sausage after that (shut up Shrek!). Oh yeah; congrats also to those brave souls that did turn up with their huge hang-overs from Shrek's 40th bash the night before - you know who I mean Shrek, Dave...

I lost count of the number of activities (games?) Nev and crew umpired (tyre rolling, gumboot throwing, egg & spoon race, sack race...lots of cheating going on too) but the funniest thing had to be the Tug-o-War.  Picture this - a dozen kids, bikers and partners on each side of Nev's piece of string that he called 1/2" hemp rope; on your marks, one, two, three,
pull...snap, twang, all on your arse! We were all sore from laughing soooo much.

Finally presentos for Club person of the year and the Pres' award. Dave Post (Postie) was the club person of the year by unanimous vote, and Brian awarded Erwin the Pres award for his efforts. Well done guys.


All up, a great day - just sorry that I forgot the camera, especially to catch the sight of the whole club almost, rolling on the ground laughing after snapping Nev's Tug-o-War string. Cheers & Happy New Year.


Tony Muir