Old Dadswell Town 2007 Ride Report


Well those that could not make it, you missed out on a hot, hot Ride to Old Dadswell Town and an even hotter ride back home. I was a little bid p-off when I stuck behind all the bikes on the way up there, but I was glad on the way back, driving with air-condition.

We started at Bannockburn, where I met Brett, Ron and Robert, sorry Simon that I send you to Bachus Marsh, got totally mixed up with the towns, sorry to Sherie and Richard too, which coul’d make it.

From there we went over Skipton to Beaufort where Simon and Sam already been waiting for us, but no sign off  Nola, Shrek, Kaz and Steve, I knew Dave, Brian and Hellen are coming later to Old Dadswell Town, but where are the others?????

Running late off course. With 60 min delay, we are on our way.

After settling in and every one got a roof over there head, we started to relax and enjoyed the day with a few drinks.

A few Hot Rods came in from the Hot Rod Show in Halls Gap to check out the place,

Nice machines, funny people.

We sat outside Shrek’s “Barber Shop” for a while and looked at the stars, saw a few shooting stars and enjoyed the company and the night.

Thanks to Simon and Robert for taking care of the BBQ.

The next morning some of us left early, the rest took it easy, but by lunchtime we been all on our way back home.


All in all it was a great weekend and I hope enjoyed by all.


Thanks Max and Jenny for having us, we will be back next year.


I and the whole Club, like to wish Nancy a speedy recovery, Who had a bad crash, last week, see you soon on a ride or meeting, so you can tell us what’s happened.


.Erwin Halle