Fairy Park Ride – 9th July – Club sponsored entry and sausage sizzle


A group of 10 people on seven bikes and a car (Doris, Jackie and Peter  Tony’s family) assembled at Macca’s for our journey down the highway to Corio. It was great to see our new members Tom and Rob there and being able to have a chat (Club meetings do tend to be a bit busy ).


At Corio we picked up another bike and Car (New Pres’ - Westy) before heading off direct to visit the Fairies at Anakie.

At the Fairy park we were met at the gate by two more bikes Dave P, Helen and Shrek.


Inside two more cars awaited with my wife (Chris) and Daughter + Friend and Rob’s Family + Grandma. All in all a very respectable turnout and great to get a few families along.


We all aquainted ourselves with the fairy tale displays that reminded some of us of our childhood and perhaps how may fairytales that we had forgotten about – so long ago !. A fair bit of mucking around on the playground also occurred with a few big kids turning up to push the younger one’s off and show them how to misbehave.


At around two with the weather threatening most of the participants began the relatively short trip home.


                                                                  Peter Dyer


P.S Shrek – Club Members attending. Rob, Tom, Brian, Tony, Brendan, Irwin,

                        Westy ( is he counted as he was in his car ?.), Posty, Helen, 

                      Shrek and myself. If I’ve missed anybody out let shrek know.