Due to wind blowing away my notes for day 1 I’ll start here. Breakfast in town for the rich mongrels, us poor folk had bacon, eggs and mushrooms on toast.

Hot, hot! We went to pool to cool off. Lovely. Back to camp for a few hair of dogs, back to pool after “lunch”. 5.30pm set off to pub for tea. 2 1/2 km later jam this, I returned to camp gale blowing! Ron had to gather what was left of marquee, tighten down all tents – DUST, GALE, DUST!! Drunks returned from pub and adjourned to laundry to get out of wind. More jokes and drinks. Midnight went home.


12 bikes and 2 cars met at Bacchus Marsh McDonalds. Left at 10.45am up freeway to Ballarat, smoke break. Our valiant leader Brian was given instructions on how to get to McDonalds Ararat. Off up the highway at a sturdy pace arrive Ararat, tour up main street out to suburbs, had to redirect ride leader to Macca’s for lunch. Safeway for fuel, beer for fridge, off again to Halls Gap to be met by Midnight and Bull Terrier “Bear” it drinks Bundy. Set up individual tents and Brian’s marquee thanks to Dave West’s Ute.

Few drinks then off to pool for swim. Cleared half pool playing water volleyball then back to camp. Few more refreshments then walked into town 50 metres for tea at the Black Panther Café. Pizza, seafood platters, chicken burger and veggie burger for “neutral” Helen. Back to camp to wet whistle.

Troop went to rock concert in the caravan park and oldies went to bed till rowdy ones came back to camp late.


What a night! Rain, rain, wind and more rain! Breakfast down street, coffees all round then back to camp to pack up. Dave’s folding deck chair got knocked off overnight from the laundry. Roundabout Ron’s tent got ripped in the storm. Yesterday it was dust and wind, today its mud. To Shrek, Brian and Erwin etc who had to leave halfway through Day 2 you missed an exciting night to say the least!

Dave sleeping in the back of his ute 1/2 full of water, tents blowing away at 2 in the morning, people working in the rain and wind to tie them down!!!

Seven bikes, a ute and 4x4 headed home. Lunch at Ararat then down the freeway to Ballarat where we split for home.

What a great weekend. Thanks to all who came and to those who didn’t, you missed a great weekend! Be on the next one.