Mt Dandenong Ride – 14 th Feb 2006

A group of six eager participants arrived at Laverton Macca’s by the designated 10 a.m. start time. Dave P (ride leader), Shrek, Pres, Neville (tail end Charlie), Helen and myself. After much discussion, coffees etc we set off to start the ride at much closer to 10.30.

First stop was at Berwick, where Nev was really hanging out for a smoke. (Much over the half-hour frequency he’s used to). Second stop was at a gravel car park, where Dave rode off up a trail bike / 4WD track to a position with a panoramic view of a reservoir. After we joined him by walking up the track. Consensus agreed that the water was an arm of Cardinia reservoir.

Lunch / Smoke was at Emerald, the Mad Cow Cafe, enjoyed our patronage. Dave and Brian had a late (very large) breakfast of eggs and bacon.

After lunch we proceeded along picturesque, tree lined, mountain roads through Monbulk, Olinda and on to Mt Dandenong Lookout. Somewhere along the way I demonstrated (repeatedly) how not to perform a Motorbike equivalent of a handbrake start. The View from Mt Dandenong was spectacular.

Not sure exactly where we went coming back down the mountain as I was totally lost. I do remember seeing Croydon (Fuel / smoke) and Greensborough (Smoke) on our way back to the beginning of the ring road. Along which, a motor cyclist pulling a mono in front of us, at 100kph entertained us.

Peter Dyer