Well what a good ride we had today. Big bad Dave Post, Helen and Myself and number one Daughter met Mister Dedication (Wayne) at Maccas, (Wayne had prior commitments but came along for part of the ride anyway). Ronny Roundabout also came along just to say hello but could not ride because his arm is still in plaster (maccas food can have some horrible side effects ). As planned we left Maccas at 9.00 am sharp and got to the carpark for another smoke or was that another toilet stop, I am not sure which came first but we got going shortly after.

Bye Ron and hello to Sir Erwin, his offspring and his trusted friend Bruce as we arrived at Caltex Geelong just a fraction late for another smoke / toilet break. Still smooth sailing as we arrive to meet the rest of the anxious crew at Bannockburn for another smoke / flamin’ toilet break. Hello to the Teesdale duo Kim and Sue, Shrek, Rod, Dave, Gus and Jenny.

Off we go, all twelve bikes to our little spot at Winchelsea for our delicious cuppaccino, and smoke and goddam toilet break. Ta Ta to Wayne as we hed off to Colac for fuel and yes another piss and then to the Treetops Walk. We had lunch here before the walk and at least the toilets here had brail for the blind folk. Yep brail on the doors so you know which is the one for you if you are unlucky enough to be sight disadvantaged, mind you if I was blind I would want a refund after this sightseeing trip. We are so bloody politically correct aren’t we.

We, like everybody else were all smiles on the downward part of the walking track at the start, but were a bit worn out by the end of the uphill end section. Not a good idea wearing all that bike gear on the trek was it! Oh well if it rained at least you were covered, besides that was the least of the worries for some. If you did not like a group of overdressed bikers all swaying in unison shaking these walkways you were as silly as the blind people for being here. There were some very concerned looking folk including some from our group, who shall remain nameless, but hey they were brave enough just being here.

From here on in everything was a reverse of the above except my toilet crawl continued on and on. Thanks Dave for organising this ride. Thanks everyone else for coming.

We are having an easter raffle with tickets being sold now. The main prize is a whizzbang, you beaut, little ripper 4 burner BBQ and trolley, kindly donated by Erwin.
Tickets are $5.00 each

See ya soon.