Ballarat Overnight Stay

What a great weekend we had! Thanks must go to Brian, his wife Yellie, Brendan and his friend Murray, Natalie and Steven for setting up the camp for us once again. They really do a great job making it easier for the rest of us. Thanks must also go to Rod and his mum for donating the lunch on the way to Ballarat.

I think everyone must have enjoyed themselves thoroughly. I have waited patiently for someone to send me a ride report but as no-one has sent one thought I'd do one myself although Brian does give a mention in his President's report!

Here we go with the beginning of the work out for the afternoon. Even though most of us had been there the year before, we were just as eager to do it again!

The worst of it this year though, was we were asked not to take alcohol round with us as there were some scouts and other people staying in the site (bugga!).

Nearly everyone tried their hands, feet, whatever at most of the different obstacles that we came across.

We spent quite some time out on the tracks with some quite funny things happening all the time. You really had to be there to get the best of it.

I'll put in what photos I can fit!

On top of all this some of you idiots actually abseiled again!! Not this little black duck!!! From all accounts, everyone had an absolute ball (that madness must be catching!!).
Sue Towers