March Ride Report – Halls Gap 2005

What can I say about this weekend! The weather couldn't have been more perfect if we'd ordered it. Two cars and 4 bikes left maccas a bit later than planned but arrived at our place about 11.15am. 6 bikes came separately from Kyneton via Bacchus Marsh to pick up some others there. After everyone had a cuppa and smoke we set off for Halls Gap around 11.40am with 12 bikes (Kim and I with trailers) and two cars, Kim doing a great job of tail end Charlie. The following people joined Kim and I on this ride this year: Ron, Chloe, Brian, Dave P, Dave W, Karen & Stephen, Lindsay, Tallon & Julie, Brian, Sylvain & Ellie, Rod and son, Shrek and Vanessa.

Had our first stop at Skipton (petrol and lunch) and then went on to Dunkeld. On the way Lindsay had an unwanted visitor in his helmet! At Dunkeld we had a 20 minutes stop before our last leg to Halls Gap through some glorious scenery. On arrival at the caravan park we met up with Midnight who was waiting for us. Took some time to set up the tents but all done eventually! Kazza spent most of the two days complaining about her tent (not the actual word she used either!), in fact Stephen is never again allowed into Rays Tent City alone!

For tea we decided to stroll into town to one of the cafes and took over most of the outdoor tables. We had a quite delightful meal with lots of nonsense talking going on. The serious drinking started after we got back to the camp site. Sometime during the evening someone started a card game and I have to tell you that some of our club members cheat!!!! In the process of teaching Kazza and others how to play Euchre and 500 the rules were bent, changed, made up and otherwise confusing anyone trying to play! Mind you they were all under the influence!! Some of us went to bed at reasonable hours but unfortunately for Halls Gap residents (more precisely the caravan park residents!) some continued around the fire till past 3am!! (Lindsay, if you sing about riding your motorcycle again you'll end up wearing it somewhere dark and moist!)

The following morning there were some late risers but on the whole they looked pretty good considering. Some people preferred to stay around the camp while others went off pretty early for a ride. There were a couple of rides during the day all around the area which all who went on seemed to enjoy (except a new member who dropped his Virago - no harm to the bike, plenty to the ego we suspect).

Some decided to go for a walk up the mountain which was supposed to be 3.2km only. Somewhere near what I considered the top we (Kim, Tallon, Julie and myself) met up with someone coming down and asked if there was much further to go - she replied “Heaps”. At this point us sensible females turned around and went back to camp. The other two “idiots” carried on without any water or food. We left them around 10.45am and were really getting concerned when we hadn't seen them by 1.30pm! They had apparently got all the way up to the pinnacle and discovered it would take them 45 minutes to walk to the Wonderland carpark or go back the way they came, which they figured would be much longer, they phone us girls and asked if we could pick them up, in Julie's car with some water and food! Julie and I picked up two very sore footed individuals!

Jason turned up quite early in the morning but never got around to putting his tent up and in the end went back home that afternoon! Some of us went off to the swimming pool during the day. Later in the afternoon some of our group had to leave as they had various work commitments. The rest of us went to the supermarket and bought supplies for a BBQ tea that night. We had a variety of cooks and plenty of food and everyone seemed to enjoy the meal immensely. The evening was much quieter than the previous one seeing as most (not all) the noisy ones had left. Again it was quite a mild night with a lot of laughter happening. It was great company and lots of fun.

The next morning most people were up at reasonable times and had cups of coffee etc. Some people went home via Arrarat while Kim and I, Tallon & Julie, Ron, Sylvain and Ellie went back the same way. On the way into Dunkeld my bike decided it was tired and time to rest, (actually put it down on a corner but don't tell everyone!). Once Kim had picked it up (after slipping on the gravel as well) we took off again for Skipton. It seemed to take much longer to get home than it did to get to Halls Gap.

We had a really great turn out for this weekend and if anyone is interested in doing it again next year let us know! Thank you to all those who turned out for a fun weekend!

Report by: Sue & Kim Towers
Editors note:
o o The weekend was great fun and I highly recommend it for 2006
o Stephen & Kaz were the last to leave and we meandered home via Ararat, the scenic route and had lunch in a tea room in Beaufort. It was a great ride and we arrived home happy with our weekends adventures (yes, even the tent got praise for being “cosy”).
o Thank you Sue & Kim for a very comfortable weekend and Tallon & Julie for their help too.
I'm in for next year (with ear plugs) Kaz :