20 Feb 05 Ride Report – Daylesford Speedway
Ride Leader=Neville; TEC=Lindsay

13 started the day (an omen?) 10 bikes, 2 pillions, 1 car. As we all slowly assembled at Laverton Maccas, Tony demonstrated a scientific experiment. He was able to transform the perpendicular geometry of the ground vs bike to a parallel one. Some said he was tired and having a little lay down, but they were not aware of the afore mentioned scientific experiment.

Anyway, off we went through Bachus Marsh and all the back roads into Daylesford. Drizzled a bit just out of Daylesford, but the sun was beaming once we got there. Straight down the 1000 degree dirt slope to the speedway. $10 a pop and we’re in. No sooner we’re off the bikes and Shrek is missing? Found him at the food tent of course (Dimmies and Bourbon). Racing was more like a smash-up derby – one guy even launched his old Holden not over, but through the tyre barrier on one corner, only to continue back onto the track.

Note to self:- don’t cheer out loud at drivers misfortunes when said driver’s wife and family are standing in front of you (thinking that dad is injured).

Every car broke down at some point I think - the old Valiant push-car had a big work-out. Hell, even the Watering truck broke-down (ran out of fuel). Even that got a push from the Valiant!

By about 3:30 or so, we’d had our fill of dust and dirt, so split into several groups and went are respective ways – Castlemaine, Geelong, Broady, Hoppers etc. Great day Nev.