Leader- Neville Tail End Charlie - Tony

A fabulously bright and sunny morning greeted us as 12 bikes and 1 car met at Macca's Laverton. Kazza took her 1st pillion - Prue, aged 10 and the ride was led from here to Geelong by Pres. Shrek. where we met a further 3 bikes at Geelong Caltex and Neville took over the lead. A little further down the road another stop to pick up 2 more bikes. Fantastic, 17 bikes, 1 car & 25 people. The trip was a delight as we rode to our first stop at Birregurra for a quick break, and for me to give up my bike to Stephen so he could have a ride (Prue changed to Kim's bike), and I took the car with 2 children on board …. Bad move, the road from Birregurra through the Otways to Wye river was gorgeous and I'd given up my bike to sit in a car behind a bus going really slow 9 Arriving last at the stop point I swapped back to the bike, taking pillion no.2, Sally (13). The ride to Kennett River was great with my bike gliding beautifully around the GO road, until I overtook a Maui van only to find the riders ahead had come to a sudden stop - at Neville's driveway!!! I'd already committed myself to the overtake so I overshot the drive and had to stop on the side of the road….eeeek. I reversed back with cars and bikes all over the place and took a tight swing into the driveway which was gravel and grass and oh dear, the bike was not happy about the manoeuvre and I couldn't hold it up on the uneven surface, so over we went. From a stand still there was no damage … only to the ego. Sorry Sal, I'm a really good rider … really I am : After that we had a BBQ, supplied by the club and cooked by Neville. It was a fun afternoon and the sound of crashing waves from the beach over the road made the location idyllic. At 3.00pm we all parted company with bikes going in all directions and Stephen's son Sandy (8) declining the offer to be pillion no.3. (wonder why) A group of us turned off at Lorne to go through Deans Marsh, I love this road, where we split again with riders going their own way. It was a long ride and unfortunately my last for a while so I'm really glad the turn out was so good and the weather was a gift. Thanks to all the riders who brought pillions as well as visiting rider Craig and Gus who joined the club on the day. A great day, great people and a good host. I arrived home totally buggered at 6.15pm

1) A special thank you to Shrek who came on the ride (via my house) even though he had to get back for work (in Kyneton) by 3.30pm (after finishing work late the night before). He did a huge ride and had no time for lunch … now that's dedication to the club !!!!!

2) Thank you to Stephen who drove from Black Rock to join the ride in Laverton and then had to go home via the ferry at Queenscliff to drop his kids off in Dromana before going home to Black Rock - and then driving to my house in Diggers Rest because I left my car keys, phone and wallet in his car … you gained valuable brownie points for that - to be redeemed at your leisure :

Be happy ………. Kazza