27th June 2004

Well! what a day, it just goes to show you that a ride-event can be organised in winter and have an excellent outcome.  The forecast was poor, the day was beautiful (except for Kim & Sue who had to start out earlier than most and experienced a "brisk" morning).

 13 of us left Macca's on 6 bikes and in 2 cars at about 10am and arrived just before 11am to be welcomed by our 14th member of the day, Dave Post, with a very welcoming hot tea, coffee & home cooked muffins! ( a very big and heartfelt thankyou to Dave from all of us!).  

The racing was fast, furious and bloody painful, Neville retired in round 2.  Brett stole the limelight with a high speed crash in the final race ploughing into a large pile of tyres.  The final winners for the day were Dave Post (1st), Brian Micallef (2nd) and Laura Towers (3rd). It seems winning didn't actually mean that you were first past the chequered flag, it went on consistent driving and staying on the track!!  I came last of all, something to do with not staying on the track long enough I think!  I hear they called me the "spin king", if I can have that much fun spinning-out I don't care if I come last! :-)  All I can say is that the people who didn't make it on the day have no idea what they missed!

I have since spoken to several people and they all have  bruises and sore spots to some degree or another, but would we do it again? Of course we would, everyone had a great day, thrills and spills for all!
Catch ya later, Tallon Towers