Part I By Kazza

Once again the Christmas party was a huge success. Five bikes & 3 cars met at Macca’s. Midnight was down from Mt Beauty and Jason joined us from Dandenong as a visitor. Shrek led the ride to Teesdale and went via Little River, Steiglitz and Meredith. We had a few stops and we had some rain too. At one point a Koala decided to walk across the road and this meant a sudden slowing of all bikes. We arrived at Kim and Sue’s to the smell of the barby cooking …yum ….

Part II

The weekend did not start out as well as hoped! With a week of rain, thunder and lightning storms the ground was pretty soaked. Kim and I got home Friday night after work having shopped for the party on the way just in time for yet another storm. Kim had put up two tarps for shade during the day, but the squall saw to that in a very short period of time! We both got soaked saving them.

Morning of the party arrives overcast and still sprinkling but no storm. Got the rest of the meat supplies and finished putting the final touches to the shed etc. Just in case of more rain, put the BBQ’s under the eaves. I was not going to get wet cooking!!

First people arrived about 10.30am with the bike contingent arriving just about 1pm. Julie and Laura helped me do the cooking as the temperature slowly climbed and the humidity became quite high. Everyone appeared to enjoy their lunch so after they had time to digest the games began!

First of all we had a wheelbarrow race with a difference. Women sitting facing the front, men pushing but blindfolded!! The partner had to direct them in a figure 8 around 2 traffic cones and back to the start. Got to tell you some men don’t know their left from their right!! Winners were Laura and Neville in the men’s push and the same again in the ladies push! Well done!

The next game was water bomb throw and catch. Partners lined up close and threw the water bomb to their partner. Anyone who burst their bomb dropped out until we had two winners. Winners of this were Ron & partner (sorry, can’t remember his name!) and the second game was Brett & Brian

After this Shrek (President) alias Steve Kulpinski did the presentations. Club Member of the Year went to Tony Muir, congratulations Tony. President’s award was presented to Ron Colston-ng, again congratulations Ron. Unfortunately our smart ass President then gave another award – Bravery award to myself, something to do with bravery above and beyond the call of duty (ab-sailing down a 1000 foot cliff). Well that’s what it looked like to me!!

The raffle of the day was donated by Matt Bone from Mototech who very generously donated a flip top helmet to the club!! Our sincere thanks to Matt for his continuing support of our club. This raffle was won by a new member on the day called Jason.

Nardis Foodworks from Bannockburn donated all the prizes for the games. This is the second year they have given us this so thanks to Nardi’s for their generosity.

Our final game of the day was a slow ride race which began ominously for the guys. Each person had one practice lap and then began, but every guy that went did a great practice but put a leg down in their real race!! The woman were much better. For the women Julie won, and eventually for the men Brian managed to stay up. Well done Julie and Brian!

Most people left about 4pm but a few of us diehards stayed talking until about 6pm.

I think the weather actually put off quite a few people but I have to say if you missed it because of that, you missed an excellent day! My thanks to all those who made this day something special and a very merry xmas to all the club and sponsors.

Sue Towers