Club Rules

All Club organised rides commence at "Highway Inn" Caltex service centre - Maltby Bypasss, Werribee, Melways Ref map 244 C3) unless otherwise stated in the Newsletter.  Details for each month’s rides/activities are included in that month’s newsletter.     

There will always be a designated “Ride Leader” and “Tail End Charlie” - both will always be identified to you prior to the commencement of the ride.  No-one passes the “Ride Leader” and “Tail End Charlie” remains at the back of the pack. The use of high vis vests is dependent upon the number of participants on the ride and is at the Ride Leaders discretion whether they are worn. The average Club ride is approximately 300kms.   

How to Organise a Ride ( Ride Leader )

If you would like to organise a ride and don’t know how, here are some ideas.

Do the run yourself to check on the length (kms), distance between petrol stations (most bikes can only do 150-200kms) and also make sure they are open on the day of the ride (some country petrol stations close on weekends), making sure that the road surfaces are safe and noting any problem areas. It is best done again a week before the scheduled ride to confirm no problems or road works are likely on the day of the ride. Speak to the Ride Committee who will organise for it to be put in the calendar. Do a write up about it and send to the Newsletter Editor prior to the newsletter being compiled. It’s no good sending it after it’s been done!

On the day of the ride make sure you are at the meeting spot in plenty of time. Organise for one person to be tail-end-charlie before the day (preferably someone who knows the way!) and prior to leaving tell everyone about the ride, discuss corner marking and make sure everyone knows who tail-end-charlie is and whether or not they will be wearing a high vis vest. This should be done on every ride, as people do not like to admit they are not sure how to do it!

Riding in a Group

For your own safety and that of fellow riders, please ensure that you ride allowing a 2 second interval between yourself and other riders.  If unsure, please ask the Ride Leader.

Corner Marking System

When the Ride Leader approaches an intersection he/she will point to the corner and the Rider who is directly behind the Ride Leader will be required to pull over with their indicator flashing in the direction of the turn.  He/she then waits until Tail End Charlie arrives before proceeding.  This happens at any corner the Ride Leader feels that is necessary.  "Corner markers" should stop in a safe position, definitely not in the way of other traffic, be it bike or car.  When a few bikes are at the corner waiting to make the turn, be sure to indicate as well, as the corner marker may be obscured from vision to the Riders catching up.

The corner marker should never leave their position until the Tail End Charlie waves them on or toots their horn.  In some instances where a bike has broken down, corner markers have had to wait at their corner in excess of 1 hour.

Breaking Down During a Ride

If someone breaks down during a ride, that person should wait until Tail End Charlie arrives.  Tail End Charlie will assess the situation, arrange assistance and notify the Ride Leader at the next designated stop.

Adhering to these simple rules will enable everyone to ride at their own pace.  If you like to “fang”, you could be corner marking more often by getting into a position behind the Ride Leader more often to act as a corner marker.

Advantages of this system are that no-one gets lost or left broken down without help.  

Safe Riding!!