Club History

The inaugural meeting of the Virago Owners Club of Victoria inc was held at the Bay View Hotel, Geelong on January 1994. It was attended by 17 people . Mr John Ashmore , Manager of Yamaha Victoria presented a cheque to the value of $250 to start off the club. He was voted member No1, Gary O'Brien was elected president, Lindon Turner - treasurer and Ron Cleasby-Jones - Secretary.

Mr Bob Adema won a competition for the design of the club logo depicting a "wheel" with the club name surrounding a road winding through the You Yangs with the sun and blue sky in the background. Club meeting locations progressively used in Geelong were The Bay View Hotel, The Charles Hothan Hotel and finally The Carton Central Hotel. Due to growth in the club and to better service the non Geelong members of the club, Billy Bells Hotel in Melbourne was used every second month.

The first organised ride was to Lavers Hill with 11 Virago's participating. Stewie ran his wide around the corner and stepped off the bitumen. On the second club ride 3 bikes went down - not a great start to the club.

In May 1997, following Yamaha's decision to drop the " Virago" name on their bikes ( bar the 250cc version ) the Club changed its name to The Virago and Yamaha Cruisers club of Victoria inc. At this time the club also became a non denominational club with all types of bikes from any bike manufacturer being welcomed.

2005 a decision was made to relocate the club to the Tigers Clubhouse, Hoppers Crossing. This provided a much more centralised location for all club meetings for the Geelong and Melbourne based members.

2005 the Club celebrated it's 10th anniversary by holding a motorcyle expo in the car park of the Carlton Central Hotel, Geelong. This was well attended by the public and members and was supported by Peter Stevens Motorcycles, Geelong. In the evening a dinner and dance was held, also at the Cartlon Central Hotel.

2008, due to increased membership a further move to the Werribee RSL was completed.

2016 Club meetings now held at Hotel 520 , 520 Sayers Road, Hoppers Crossing at 8:00pmSee Melways Map 202 F5

2018 The Club name was officially altered to the "Yamaha Cruisers Club of Victoria".


Year President Secretary Treasurer Editor Clubman Award Presidents Award
2021 Peter Dyer Tejas Shah Julie Bellet Brian Smith Later Later
2020 Peter Dyer Tejas Shah Julie Bellet Brian Smith Peter Dyer Richard Bellet
2019 Peter Dyer Peter Dyer Julie Bellet Brian Smith Nino Nardella Brian Smith
2018 Peter Dyer Tejas Shah Julie Bellet Brian Smith Gerry Palmier Julie Bellet.
2017 Peter Dyer Tejas Shah Julie Bellet Brian Smith Not awarded Not awarded
2016 Tejas Shah Les Ralph Peter Dyer Tejas Shah Peter Dyer Sandra Petersen
2015 Tejas Shah Peter Dyer Peter Dyer Tejas Shah Nino Nardella Jenni Cook
Rob Evans
Peter Dyer Brian Micallef Peter Dyer Peter Dyer Les Ralph
2013 Steve Kulpinski & Rob Evans Peter Dyer Brian Micallef Peter Dyer Peter Dyer Tejas Shah
2012 Neville Dickson Sue Towers Brian Micallef Peter Dyer Neville Dickson & Peter Dyer Brian Micallef
2011 Neville Dickson Sue Towers Brian Micallef Peter Dyer Peter Dyer Simon Rideout
2010 Peter Dyer Andrew Gordon Brian Micallef Andrew Gordon Rob Evans Neville Dickson
2009 Peter Dyer Andrew Gordon Brian Micallef Andrew Gordon Rob Evans Brian Micallef
2008 Brendan Micallef Nola Grech Peter Dyer Andrew Gordon Rob Evans Erwin Halle
2007 Nola Grech Brendan Micallef Peter Dyer Andrew Gordon Peter Dyer Andrew Gordon

Dave West

Brendan Micallef Ron Colston'ing Dave Post Steve Kulpinski Erwin Halle
2005 Brian Micallef Erwin Halle Ron Colston'ing Sue Towers Dave Post Erwin Halle
2004 Steve Kulpinski Tony Muir Dave Post Karen Featon Tony Muir Ron Colston'ing
2003 Sue Towers Laura Towers Brett Bonnett Sue & Kim Towers Kim Towers Steve Kulpinski
2002 Sue Towers Lou Howlett Brett Bonnett Kim Towers Neville Dickson Karen Featon
2001 Neville Dickson Debi Chetuti Sue Towers Kim Towers Debi Chetuti .
2000 Barry Wilson Steve Hartshorne Kier Rasmussen Kim Towers Bob_Hartshorne .
1999 Neville Dickson Jeff Peck Barry Wilson Margaret Groen Ray Hill .
1998 Neville Dickson Jeff Peck Gary O'Brien Margaret Groen Jeff Peck .
1997 Ray Hill . . Jane Coventry . .
1996 Glenys Drayton . . . . .
1995 Gary O'Brien John Brigman Lindon Turner . . .
1994 Gary O'Brien Ron Cleasby'Jones Lindon Turner Kylie Lennox . .

Life Members : Neville Dickson, Ron Bastin.

Twenty Year Service awards : Sue Towers, Kim Towers, Erwin Halle, Steve Kulpinski.

Fifteen Year Service awards : John Zammit, Brian Micallef, Tom Bacsa, Peter Dyer.

Ten Year Service awards : Rob Evans, Rod Belfrage, Faye Hartshorne, Bob Hartshorne, Wayne Cherry, Steve Hartshorne, Erwin Halle, Tony Muir, Ron Colston-ing, Tejas Shah, Vaishali Shah, Peter Andjelkovic.

Safe Riding!!